28 September 2012

Inner Resonance (Disclosure of Truth in Ascension) - Magenta Pixie and

Magenta Pixie brings us a message from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine that can benefit us greatly in deciphering messages that we come across, especially if they are conflicting. The Collective repeat their guidance that "the ultimate messenger is the one that speaks exclusively to you".

The confusion that is flooding our transitional reality at the moment can be looked at as a "training ground" where we learn to seek out the truth by being guided by our Inner Resonance. There is much disinformation and misguided teachings currently (and we need to remember that we have been forewarned that 2012 will be a time of great chaos and confusion) and we are required to fine-tune our reception so that we take in only that which comes from Light.

It is up to us, and no one else, to call forth Truth and be able to discern for ourselves what that looks like. Living in alignment with our Higher Self and walking our own blue-print path will allow us to be in the zero-point where we have already ascended. From this perspective of "Now", we can carry out our "mission" in linear time without effort as destiny and inner choice become One.

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