05 September 2012

Life in Fifth Dimension - Jim Self

What's it like in the fifth dimension?

This is something that I've been asked quite a few times and I've tried my best to explain it without sounding like someone who's recently escaped from a mental institution. It's challenging to talk about concepts that are beyond the full comprehension of our current lower density (third, and even fourth), and the tendency to compare "there" (higher dimension) with "here" is only natural.

One common "wall" that may be hard to break through is the notion that Life in the higher dimensions must be boring without "entertainment" or "drama" or "action". The problem is that we are still comparing something that is of a different paradigm with our current way of Life and thinking. The answer lies in the much-used phrase - "paradigm shift". When we are in the fifth (or higher) dimensions, we no longer have the "needs" of a lower dimensional existence.

Jim Self offers a very helpful write-up in comparing the main differences between these three dimensions. We will move from a dualistic approach to Life (3D) to beginning to find some sort of balance (4D) and into integration of full consciousness and unity as we make our transition from 3D to 5D. He also expands a bit about why we are here now on Earth, experiencing this Great Shift.

Please note that I'm linking to a different site from Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy.

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