05 September 2012

Micro Orgones and Shungite

I had earlier written about my experience with Orgonites, and since then have purchased a fair number of Tower Busters from the same site that I had bought my pyramid Orgonite i.e. S.E.A.Orgonite.I placed these around my home, in my car, and gave some away. Gifting is always strongly encouraged in the Orgone Community :)

Recently, I decided to get more, but this time in the form of Micro Orgones from The Blue Sun. They are really tiny (but not the tiniest, which are Micro Cosmics, also sold online at the same website) - the picture above shows Micro Orgones. These little hexagon beauties are not even 1cm across, while the Micro Cosmics are about half the size! They contain powdered metals and crystals, as well as Shungite, housed in resin mix. Although Shungite by itself needs to be cleansed regularly, this need is negated when paired with Orgone. This means that the Shungite in these Orgones is perpetually cleansed!

So what did I do with my Micro Orgones? Well, apart from giving away lots of them and placing them in little corners, I "orgonised" my glass coasters (which are square-shaped) by sticking one at each corner, and therefore creating an energised field for my drinks. I also stuck a few on my hairband. I guess you could also stick them on hair-clips, and whatever else your creativity can come up with. Or place them in pouches and carry them in your pocket/bag when you go out. Let your imagination take over!

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