22 September 2012

Journey to the Mothership Part III (a) - Awakening With Suzanne Lie

I enjoyed this message from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie. It is part of a series of messages about journeying to their Mothership.

This particular one mentions some interesting points, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Dream-time visitation to the Ships
  • How Scout Ships appear to us in the skies
  • Why more humans need to awaken, and the necessity of releasing all lower dimensional limitations, including all attachments to physical reality
  • Every voice from every one counts in assisting those who have lost their voice (Horton Hear A Who!)
  • Doing this through unconditional love
  • Being the ones to open the Ascension Portal for our family
  • Do not get distracted by 3D illusions.

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