14 September 2012

Our Purpose in Life - Pepper Lewis


Pepper Lewis talks about our purpose in Life in this > 6-minute video. This is a question that plagues many Lightworkers as well as those who are awakening to a reality that is beyond what they just see.

She explains that if we understand that our purpose in Life is more than just the "one thing" that we often believe it should be, then we will be in a better position to answer that question for ourselves. We are multi-dimensional beings with multi-aspects of ourselves, and we have at least seven main "purposes" in Life - none of them have anything to do with a job or career, which are just activities or "doing's". As Pepper said, Gaia has reminded us many times that we are Human Beings, and not Human Doings. When we are "being", we are powerfully bringing forward the seeds of our creation. The "doing" is the going-through-the-motions results of the "being", and as Pepper says, hopefully we are being present in the "doing".

Pepper suggests that we abandon our external search for answers and instead find them all within (where all our answers lie...)

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