08 September 2012

Preparations for Gaia Planetary Ascension Activation of World-Wide Portals is Complete - Gaia Portal 7 September 2012

We've had portals and Galactic Stargates aligning, then grids for New Earth being laid, followed by the upgrading and balancing of Gaia and Hue-manity's higher energies. The Ascension Platform has been established while old paradigm structures dissolve away, making way for infusion of Light energies.

And now, we move another step forward with the preparation of global Ascension portals being completed, ready for activation.

Gaia Portal's updates have always been independent and free of whatever else is transpiring in the 3D arena. Regardless of who-is-doing-what and what-is-being-done(or not)-to-whom, Gaia proceeds with Her Ascension preparations, without being side-tracked, and the updates always suggest that we as individuals should do the same.

This latest update is no different; the Ascension process moves inexorably forwards.

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