17 September 2012

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session with Susan - 100 Years in Future 2112 by Suzanne Spooner

This is a portion (a third) of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy conducted by Suzanne Spooner with her subject, bringing them to a future timeline in 2112. QHHT is a technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon, which induces deep regression in order to reach the Subconscious State.

This interesting session has the subject, Susan Thomas, describing a little about what the conditions in 2112 are like. She is a woman named Mai at that time period. It is a 5D world, and very much like what we have been told it would be like (except for the shoes!). The session also addresses the confusion we are currently experiencing (today, present time) over what actually will occur at the point of the Ascension Gateway on 21 December 2012, as well as the seemingly "dragging" leading up to that point in time.

What I felt was very important is the "advice" to not be fixated on the date and instead to do the work required to prepare ourselves for Ascension.


  1. Infinite. Hypnosis pretty much reprograms your subconscious mind, which controls almost every part of your personality. You can control anger, stop smoking, lose weight, be happy all the time, etc.....hypnosis is powerful--but it doesn't work on everyone.
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    1. I've only attended a very basic course on hypnotherapy and even then felt how powerful it can be in reaching the subconscious.