22 September 2012

Reconnecting With Gaia's New Paradigm - Inelia Benz

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What a great way to embrace this Equinox...reconnecting with Lady Gaia in her new "Home" :)

Inelia Benz shows us how we can open up to Lady Gaia's new vibrations (a beautiful soul-friend of mine calls her Lady Gaia and I just love it!) in this simple exercise, about 12 minutes long...or short, depending on how you look at it.

Lady Gaia has already left the stage of polarity, and is now waiting for us to catch up.

There is also a write-up about our true form of communication, which is different from what we have become used to. As a result of our DNA being inactivated by the Fallen creator beings, we lost not only our consciousness but also our sense of Oneness and the way we connect or communicate with one another.

You can also access the Fear Processing Exercise mentioned in the video. Inelia also suggests trying the Reconnection Exercise with others as a precursor to authentic telepathy.

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