15 September 2012

Richard Gage, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth - The Light Agenda with Stephen Cook

Although there already is a lot of freely available resources out there in CyberLand regarding what REALLY happened on that tragic day of 9-11, this interview deserves special mention because Richard Gage is the Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, dedicating his life towards bringing his organisation's findings out in the open. It's about 1:10 hours and is a perfect primer for us to recommend to others who are still defending the view that it is a terrorist attack by religious extremists. Well, it is a terrorist attack actually...by hidden terrorists against Global Consciousness.

Richard had his life changed forever six years ago when, as an architect, he was confronted with the realisation that what had been sold as the truth about 9-11 to the world was in fact nothing more than heinous lies to cover an even more dark agenda. The smoking gun was Building 7, which presented evidence that pointed to a controlled demolition rather than structural damage caused by a plane crash. Then there were the telling clues in the aftermath, such as copious amounts of molten iron, the limited amount of actual debris in relation to the amount of building materials, the free-fall demolition scenario (which meant that the building columns had to be taken down to allow for smooth collapse), the impression of a "vaporisation" destruction, and others.

He also states that the destruction had the fingerprints of Nano-Thermites, developed for, and used by the military. There is also a petition that we can sign on his website.

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