20 September 2012

The Missing Piece - Abraham-Hicks

This 25-minute video is about an attendee at Abraham's seminar who is asking a question. He has completely given up on Humanity and challenges the wisdom of Abraham's teachings, citing as examples genocides, and the excesses and greed that have overcome Humanity. (I believe many of us have felt that way in some degree or other...) He also feels that his innate abilities (clairvoyance for one) are a "curse" because practicing his art has afforded him a miserable existence.

Abraham via Esther Hicks addresses this man's predicament. It is good to remember that 3D logic will struggle greatly with higher dimensional perspectives, and that as long as we try to comprehend them with a limited human vantage point, we will only end up with a partial understanding of something multi-layered and multi-dimensional.

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