12 September 2012

Uffcott, Wiltshire Crop Circle 3 September 2012 - The Hopeless Hoax


The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this crop circle a few days ago on Crop Circle Connector was, "Wow!" It looked so neat and well-made, I was tempted for a moment to credit this formation as of ET origin. Obviously, to me, it was a proposal to someone named Laura. I was really impressed with the precise edges and formations.

Today however, I stumbled across this article which actually gave a lot more details about this formation. Written by Janet Ossebaard (I think), it shows how much the final images have been digitally altered, as well as the author's personal experience with the owner of the field. Evidently, there has been a huge attempt to make the formation look good; according to the author, this is to further strengthen any attempts to debunk crop circles as anything more than man-made. The (human) makers of this particular crop circle are known as Circle Makes/Team Satan.

Since crop circles are one of my favourite things, I'm posting this to show that some people will resort to pure deception to disprove the ET element in authentic formations.

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