05 September 2012

UFO Disclosure Project - Crop Circles Analysis

Long-time crop circle researcher and expert, Colin Andrews, appears in this 10-minute clip that shows some bits of the supernatural nature of these Earth Writings (that's what I like to call them). Also appearing are fellow researcher, the late Pat Delgado, and Prof.Archie Roy (Glasgow University), providing the scientific element of the investigation.

I don't know when this was made, but I recognised the crop circle pictogram as the famous one from 1990 (shown on left). In addition, the circles that they featured were of the more simple and basic formations in that period; crop circles have become increasingly complex and intricate since then (see another pictogram pictured below). Also, that was a relatively young Colin Andrews appearing!

This clip highlighted three important components or characteristics of genuine crop circles, apart from the super-charged energy levels feature that is rather well-known:
  • Audio frequencies emitted that can be detected by sound equipment
  • Stalk nodes that have been bent through possible softening, then hardening of the tissues
  • Crystal structure of the crops.
Milk Hill, 2009 www.cropcircleconnector.com

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