23 September 2012

Zorra and Zaraya - 22 September 2012


Here are some highlights for this 1:51 hour conference call with Zorra via Zaraya (the call was disrupted three times):

  • Zaraya reiterates the need to prepare ourselves for Ascension by raising our vibrations and moving into Unity Consciousness for those who have said "yes", while those who are still not ready will be re-located to Earth's sister planet on the other side of Helios
  • Mother Earth's terra-forming will reclaim all man-made structures, landscapes will change, attachments and possessions will no longer matter; we should remember that we are actually "guests" hosted by Mother Earth
  • Creation in 5D will be key after our transition/Ascension
  • Zorra explains about the copyright claims over the "Raising Vibrations" exercise that Zorra had demonstrated in the past (you can watch it here, but I don't know how long it will remain available while they work this out)
  • The illusion of ownership; Nancy Tate explains that "ownership" has been substituted for Oneness in this lower dimensional reality at the moment
  • We need to think for ourselves, we are gods and goddesses, we are all creators, we are all One
  • Our limited thinking will dissolve instantly once we are in 5D
  • No need for "ownership", religions or money in the higher dimensions
  • Zorra repeats that Humanity was never meant to live on the surface; all planets are hollow with beautiful centres
  • People of Helios are known as The Shining Ones
  • Mass media instructed to suppress truth in order to keep the war going in Afghanistan and Iraq to support war efforts; respective Generals of Afghanistan and US have agreed to ceasefire, expect soldiers to return home soon because "it must be" -- it's part of the plan, same as Iraq
  • Disclosure on the cards now because now "Non-Interference" clause no longer in effect; this is not contingent upon US election
  • JFK assassinated because he made the error of mentioning his intention to Disclose to his government
  • Zorra confirms 911 was orchestrated by US Govt
  • Drake's disbelieving in Hollow Earth's existence
  • "Time is an illusion"...Mother Earth is in charge of the exact timing of Ascension into 5D
  • Major terra-forming to occur after we are re-located, but minor upheavals have started; humans are also starting our own "upheavals" physically
  • Zorra's "cure" in getting Zaraya off meat! 
  • Lemurian Crystals Headbands will assist greatly in raising our consciousness (Zorra later instructs a caller on details for making the headband)
  • Revaluing the Dinar - "wait and see"
  • We will receive assistance from Hollow Earthians when the time comes for Ascension
  • Zorra delivers his Healing Pulse, supported by the GFL, GFP and Council of 12 from Hollow Earth.
Thanks to Anne DeHart and Quasar.
And so it is.

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