02 September 2012

Zorra and Zaraya Update - 1 September 2012

Zorra's latest update (2:14 hours) via Zaraya includes the following highlights (a summary is also given in the website):
  • Zaraya's experience being free from silver cord tether, feeling more 5D, having telepathic communication with his twin sister in Hollow Earth, watching more ships arriving for the Ascension
  • Ascension energies amping-up even more; AAM says now 90% of population "ready"; Ascension is imminent (personal note: perhaps this refers to the percentage of people awakened required to trigger Mass Ascension)
  • We will be in for "one heck of a ride" when we are in the Shift because energies will  be quadrupled
  • Start looking up, many opportunities for us to take photos of starships
  • We must get into Higher Unity Consciousness, which is singular-minded, no more duality
  • We are evolving into 12th Level of 4D, symptoms of detox may occur, also lucid dreams, astral travel, more awareness of Earth's beauty and unity among people -- catapulting us into Oneness
  • Military withdrawing from Middle East and Afghanistan and going home because wars will become things of the past
  • Ascension process is subtle now, but will shift into high gear and Consciousness will change drastically
  • Distance does not matter in energy healing
  • Katrina was directed by Cabal using Atlantean ancient technology (HAARP); this has now been shut down by the Agarthans and Cabal's control diminishing
  • Disclosure must occur first, then Elenin moves away from Sun (to give appearance of 2 Suns), then Gathering before Mother Earth terraforms and Ascends
  • Starships will start appearing at eye-level (but not land) so that more can see them
  • Many coastal areas will be protected by one-inch thick seabed walls, constructed in less than one hour
  • Council of 12 of Hollow Earth meeting to prepare for Ascension such as temporary accommodation (as explained by Sheldan Nidle)
  • Andromedan mothership (giant triangle) here for the Gathering, also Elenin from Sirius
  • We are at the outskirts of Photon Belt at the moment
  • Steven Olesky gave update on his plans for Hollow Earth trips
  • Zorra stresses the difference between The Supreme Creator and the "lesser gods" such as Elohim/Jehovah/Allah
  • Garden of Eden in Hollow Earth; Great Flood of Noah occurred in one section of Earth only (Middle East area), not globally; cloud cover will birth oceans during terraforming
  • Zorra repeats that when Mother Earth terraforms we will be in the safety of Hollow Earth or off-planet
  • Doubt and fear prevent us from accepting our creator and healing abilities
  • Jesus/Sananda included "rituals" to build faith when performing healing; we can do the same
  • Holding vibration-raising teachings out in nature, around a tree if possible
  • Obama likely to be interim President, in contact with GFL
  • Australia (and other countries) part of Lemuria; New Zealand has openings to Hollow Earth
  • Caller testified about curing her own breast cancer
  • Those who are continuing unawakened state on Earth's sister planet will also be going through their own eventual Ascension
  • Zorra sends healing with support of GFL, Council of 12 from Hollow Earth and Telos.

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