14 October 2012

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Rising

Ah yes...the ever-present symptoms that have been plaguing us for over a decade...don't they ever go away? Sigh...

I normally don't like dwelling on or writing about these symptoms because they could be due to serious medical problems that require immediate attention (and therefore not to be confused with awakening/ascension symptoms), and also because I personally feel that I should just get on with Life and living, and try to manage these symptoms in the best way possible. However, I came across these two articles recently, and since I spent the past couple of days (after the 10:10 window) walking around like a zombie with a head that's been compressed in a pressure chamber, I thought I'd just go ahead and moan a bit.

The first one covers 50 (!) symptoms and is called Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening from Ashtar Command. Pretty comprehensive.

Next is Denise Lefay's "Kundalini Rising and the Rewiring Process". She also covers the probable symptoms that arise when our two brain hemispheres become unified.

A suggestion? Read these articles for our better understanding of what we are going through, but remember to not dwell on them. Makes living easier :) And also, we don't need to do this on our own...remember our Higher/Divine Self!

Symptoms of Awakening (an earlier post)
Warts of Ascension 1 (Soul Agenda)
Warts of Ascension 2 (Soul Agenda)

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