01 December 2012

12:12:12 - Conscious Creators

Spiritual Dimensions by Doriano

I thought I was done with newsletters when I wrapped up Amethyst Road; this will be long, so fortify yourself :)

Some time ago, I read about the mechanisms and implications of the Mayan calendar. The article described the passage of time leading up to 21 December 2012, and the "markers" or shifts of consciousness that were expected throughout the years, with each shift occurring in half the time block of its predecessor. For example, if a shift occurred in 1900, and the previous one occurred in 1800 (100 years ago) then the next one will take place in 1950 (50 years), then the next in 1975 (25 years) and so on. The point that was being made is that these shifts will become more and more frequent as time went on, until we got to the point where shifts are occurring practically every second...on 21 December 2012! Unfortunately I cannot locate that article now so I can't provide a link for it.

What this tells us is that our consciousness levels are rising exponentially, fed by our intentions and the incredible Light being directed onto our beautiful Planet. It's crescendo all the way until the Ascension Gateway -- there's no letting up. And then there are the "booster points" of the eclipses, planetary alignments and the "number dates" of 10:10:10, 11:11:11, 12:12:12.

This 12:12:12 window is the last. The period between that and the 21st will be the most crucial period of this Ascension process that has been in the making/planning/executing for eons and eons, involving the Heavens and the entire Cosmos. But the days from now until 12:12:12 are also important because it is preparing us to align ourselves for the Great Shift. More on that later.

Even now, we are already beginning to feel the influence of higher dimensional frequencies. I had an experience recently where I actually felt my body almost floating, becoming less dense and more "fluid". It felt comfortable, loving. It was a wonderful sensation! I didn't know it then, but later realised that it was a "trial run" for having a higher density body.

Paradoxically, we may also feel "pregnant". Sorry gents, that's the best way I can describe it but you know what I mean; think of it as a "pregnant pause"? It has been said that Mother Earth is giving birth to a New Earth. In that same metaphorical sense, we are birthing our New Self, too. I also feel that we are "expanded" now in so many ways, which adds to that feeling. And all that Light codes that every single cell within us is soaking up...!

If we thought Mother Earth was rumbling and shaking quite a bit in the past few years, that's just a warm-up; she's certainly become much more restless in the past couple of months! Her time is approaching fast, she is consciously preparing for her own Shift and she's right on schedule -- absolutely nothing can stop her.

We must also become conscious of our preparations for own Shift. In the next days before the 12:12:12 window, we need to align ourselves towards consciously creating with higher intentions. This is the period for all the fine-tuning and precise adjustments so that we get really clear with ourselves. As I repeatedly say, it's a matter of spiritual physics -- we need to vibrate higher to go higher.

It's time to let everything and everyone go. All the emotional baggage, attachments, crutches, chains. All the regrets, hurt, anger, blame, guilt. All the what-if's, if-only's. All the coulda's, woulda's, shoulda's.


What matters is NOW. What do we want now, for ourselves? We need to look towards Ascension, not back at "what was". We need to thank everyone and everything that took us to this point in Life, including all the "bad" ones. Everything and everyone that came into our reality did so for a purpose; bless them, thank them, let them go. If we start doing this everyday from now until the 12:12:12, we will be practically free from all lower density attachments.

With the 12:12:12 window, we have the opportunity to receive, once again, the codes/keys/letters for our genetic activation and frequency downloads, this time in much greater intensity than ever before. We can choose whatever we feel guided to do on this booster-date. Allow yourself to be led to the choice that's right for you. We are all on our own unique path, we don't need to feel that we "should" be doing a specific ritual or practice...just be guided by your own Divinity. Some of us are here to channel Light, some to anchor, spread, amplify, reflect or just simply be Light. Go with what feels appropriate for you.

We are our own Stargates. We have the potential for great capabilities --  it's in our DNA! We are, each one of us, Divine Sparks of All That Is, created with abilities that are magical. We've forgotten that, but it's time to remember. It's time to be Who We Truly Are.

The 12:12:12 window is a Divine Gift. It's here for us...we just need to open it and let the Light in. Let's make 12:12:12 magical.

And oh, did I mention Love?

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