13 December 2012

21 December 2012 - New Message from the Star Nations - Judy Satori

This is a message from the Star Nations, delivered via Judy Satori, about the coming of age of Humanity. Just 11 minutes in length, it is inspiring and uplifting, and such a great boost for us at this point in time, in the last days prior to entering the Ascension Gateway.

It speaks of the cycles of Humanity over these long ages, mired in lower density, "lost", and the Elohim's decision to redeem our race and raise us back into Consciousness.

If we allow this transmission to be a medium of further activations of ancient memories and unlocking of key codes, it will be most beneficial. I feel it's embedded with sound frequencies that speak directly to our DNA coding. Although the information isn't really new, look at it as a sort of useful summary or reminder, to get us into the feeling of familiarity for this short time-frame left for our preparation.

Keep those vibrations high!

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