13 December 2012

A New Dawn, A New Home?

How was your 12:12:12? I hope it was all that you intended for it to be, and more :)

I am in a very hopeful place for Humanity after the downloads yesterday. During my first meditation, instead of seeing the usual column or cloud of Light, I saw instead helix spirals of diamond and gold, cascading down. I think the entire globe was literally drowning in those energies. Imagine all those DNA codes firing up and awakening more of the masses!

Then this morning, I was woken up by "something", in time to see blobs of rainbow colours formed by the sunlight passing through the crystals hanging at my window. They were all over the room, and two unusual formations caught my attention. One was shaped like a cross, while the other looked like a geometric figure resembling a house. I grabbed my phone and clicked away. After a minute, the rainbow blobs disappeared. What a treat!


I have no clear conclusion what this means, if at all anything. But I would like to believe that the "message" has something to do with Christ Consciousness (which is what we are all embodying fro this Shift) and our new "Home"...!  :)