28 December 2012

About Ascension - Getting Clarity : Notes from Anne DeHart of Hollow Earth Network

Anne DeHart, owner of Hollow Earth Network (which features Zorra's messages), has this to say/remind us about Ascension, and the possible fact that the "real deal" is yet to come. She also refers to the Crystal chambers in the Himalayas, which was my previous post (I didn't know she had a copy!). Thanks, Anne :)

What makes this so "interesting" is that I had just finished writing to a dear Soul about what Zorra and Ashtar mentioned, then browsed around the Internet, and saw this message from Anne! I love synchronicity!

In Steve Beckow's editorial today, Steve quotes information he received from Archangel Michael yesterday. Steve was one of those who was looking for Ascension on December 21st and in today's message he tells of new information from Archcangel Michael indicating a "pause" to allow many more people to ascend.

We, of course, have been told by Zorra, that we have one more major infusion of high energy before the end of the year, opening the door for Ascension, or... some other major event.  Hear this on  Zorra's December 9th 23-minute call..

And, of course, when we listen to Ashtar's December 5th Call  we are aware that Earth will be receiving a very high infusion of new energy that even the Galactics have not experienced before. Ashtar told us in this message that it could affect Gaia's choice of when to ascend, as ... if she delayed her own Ascension, she might be able to bring more of her "children" with her. In light of what Steve just posted, we may want to listen again to Ashtar's information about these new energies and what Gaia may do with them.

Also, Dianne Robbins' message tells of a high energy step-up deep within the Earth tomorrow, the 28th:  
This great universal power grid in the 33 crystal chambers deep within the Himalayan mountains will be turned back on and fully activated on December 28 (tomorrow) by 3:00 PM Greenwich time. -- All of this to say that between now and Monday we will be experiencing some expansive changes.

And Zorra?  Zorra is busy spending most of his time with the Galactic Federation of Planets. In one of his last messages he told us he was "parked" with a group from the Federation in a location very high above Los Angeles ... ready to move to a lower altitude and decloak when ordered..

And so it is.  So be it.   Indeed! 

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