07 December 2012

Ascension Tour - Hollow Earth Network (Bushwillows)

As I have previously indicated, there are several recordings that have been posted at Tree of the Golden Light which covers the Ascension Tour that involves Hollow Earth Network. I'm unable to listen to (or even post about) all of them, but this one I will because Anne Dehart asks a question that must be on the minds of many Lightworkers -- it certainly has been on mine. It's about the conflicting information that comes out from sources (channeled or otherwise) about what will be transpiring after we get to the Ascension Gateway on the 21st. Some sources have indicated that it will be Life as usual but a much better version of it, some say there will be some major changes but no major Earth changes, and some, like Zorra and Sheldan Nidle, speak about the complete terra-forming that Earth will undergo to reclaim her lands and position as a pristine Garden of Eden planet.

At around the 1:15:30-hour mark, you will hear Anne ask this loaded question, which Zorra addresses. A little later, this issue is again brought up by another questioner and again, it is answered.

The recording also contains much information that covers several topics, a summary of which you will find on the link given. Nancy Tate also gives more information about Earth and Maldek's history, and their connection with Tiamat (although I don't know if Nancy is channelling or speaking on her own here.). This is Part 3 of the Bushwillows meeting (please scroll down the page until you get there.)

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