18 December 2012

Entering the Ascension Gateway - 21 December 2012

Okay...here we are, A.T....L.O.N.G....L.A.S.T...

Just mere days away from entering the Cosmic Window of the Ascension, and the first thing I must admit to you is that I am feeling all sorts of things that I never expected to feel in the days leading up to this Gateway. After spending a lifetime of yearning to go "Home" and feeling like an alien observer in a world I tried hard to understand (and surprisingly, I really did!), the Event that is the whole point of so many Lightworkers' lives is upon us. There is the elation, the calm yet almost-bubbling joy, and the intense desire and urgency to ensure that Humanity goes through this Gateway. However, there is also the underlying sadness that seems to colour all these feelings. It is the melancholy tinge of the final farewell to an existence that is disappearing, the knowing that all that was, will no longer be, forever.

Then there is the not-too-unexpected distracting occurrences that seem to be popping up like determined Jacks-in-the-boxes lately. Just as negative forces externally are playing out their death throes in the final moments before being overwhelmed by Light, so too are some of us encountering experiences that appear to be taking our focus away from our "job". Just dig your heels in and proceed onwards steadily.

And the exhaustion...!

So, we come to the question that's looping in everyone's mind...What's going to happen on the 21st and/or after?

Will Earth stop rotating? For three days? And thereafter change her rotational direction?
Will all electronics fail?
Will the energy grid shut down and electrical supply cease?
Will there be a systematic failure of the financial market?
Will we awaken from what seems like a long, convoluted dream and remember nothing of the 3rd density existence?
Will the world seem brighter, lighter?
Will we go through a period of intense light?
Will Disclosure take place?
Will nothing happen?

I don't know :)  Maybe there are 7+ billion answers or unique experiences, one for each Soul. Because every Soul counts, because each Soul makes a difference. We are each loved by All That Is, and the experience of each Soul is important. This journey is for all, if they so choose. It's not how much we know, it's how much we have in our hearts.

Whatever happens (or doesn't happen), know that it is no mistake, no coincidence, no accident. All will be in perfect Divine order for a Divinely-decreed Plan that has taken eons to unfold and involved the Heavens, countless Star Nations, the Angelic Realms, Inner/Hollow Earth, Ascended Masters, other Cosmic and Advanced Beings, Ground Crew/Allies, Mother Earth and all incarnate Souls.

We've come to the end of a Grand Cycle. It's the birth of a new one, and the welcome reign of Light once again.

Our beloved Planet is turning into a Star, returning to her higher dimensional Self when she was known as Tara/Terra. She's getting her Light back, and this time around, Humanity is playing an integral role. We are also getting our Light back.

All of Cosmos is watching the Greatest Show in the Multiverse. The time for rehearsals is over. Just like the introduction in Michael Jackson's "This Is It", the conductor is tapping with the baton to stop the players rehearsing. The Earth Plan worked...it's time for our spiritual make-over into the 5th dimension.

This is it...Happy Galactic Year and see you on the other side of the Cosmic threshold.


  1. Thanks for this post. Ironic, isn't it, that we are all part of the Greatest Show in the Galaxy and yet have no "concrete" ideas of what to expect (or not expect) as there is no script! As in any performance, we can only do our best to play our roles.

    All I know is that whatever we truly believe and anticipate will color our experience and it is important to maintain the highest intention for ourselves and the Universe.

    And whatever happens (or doesn't) will be Divinely perfect.

  2. We've hung in there so long for this.
    Let's roll! :)