21 December 2012

Galactic Message - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo guides us into a heart-space meditation in this broadcast, and brings forth a message from the Central Council of the Galaxy, assuring us that they are always with us and that everything has already been prepared for us for this Shift. We've gone through Shifts before in ancient times, and the secret to move through them is to be heart-centred, and to remember Who We Are, and what we are capable of. The events expected to take place in the near future are being guided by the Council. They thank us for all that we've done to come to this point in time, advising us that Love will guide us through the coming period.

They've seen our future, and it's good; we'll be fine. We can call upon the Council anytime we feel the need.

They also clarify that we must also feel love for ourselves when we move into our heart-space during the meditation.

This video will be available for a few days.

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