24 December 2012

Happy Galactic New Year! So...What Now?

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Happy Galactic New Year, everyone! And how have the past three days been for you? Judging by what I personally know from my own experience as well as those I know, the experiences are varied, personal and unique, each having its own special meaning or message for the individual concerned.

For me, I'm still feeling very distracted and zoned-out. I would have liked to hibernate through the three days, but that was not to be. I felt numb, blissful, removed, peaceful, calm and excited, all in the same day. No spectacular experience to report, although I woke up in the middle of my sleep to a dazzling white light but was put back to sleep almost immediately. I don't know for sure what that meant.

Apart from that jumble of emotions, I was also disappointed when the next day (22nd) came and went without much visible change in the world. I had expected that at least some major announcement or event would occur, some revelation of some truth in the mainstream media...anything! Even some truth about 21 December would suffice! Some "sign" to mark this momentous moment in Cosmic history. Instead, it seemed as if everything had gone unexpectedly quiet. Almost immediately, I "saw" an image of Lady Gaia "sleeping", as if resting. It looked like she's taking a short rest after entering the Ascension Gateway. While she rests, everything is also paused at the same time. This is my vision and my interpretation; I cannot declare it to be the ultimate truth.

What I know for sure is this -- we've already crossed the threshold, we've started the new Galactic Year with our Mother Earth, we're in a New Golden Age. What's up ahead? Our continuing progress into 5D with Mother Earth, definitely. We've only just begun, to borrow from The Carpenters. This is just the initial integration.

Although we haven't seen any major event doesn't mean nothing happened at all. I believe that we've been changed on a deeper level, even if it's just a tiny change for a start. It's impossible that we remained the same. It's also impossible for our reality to remain the same. With each new cycle comes a new set of operating guidelines, so the changes will take place; we just don't know when or how they will unfold.

Our work doesn't stop with this crossing over of the Cosmic threshold. We continue with our objective of becoming Higher Dimensional Beings, whatever that involves.

But that's a topic for another day :)  For now, know that our journey in lower density ends, and we forge a new one in a higher dimension.

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