13 December 2012

Immense Higher Dimension Energy Input Into Gaia on 12:12:12 - Gaia Portal 13 December 2012


I like the "Corner was turned" part :)  It's Light all the way now! I'm reproducing the complete message below, as well as the link:

"Achievement of immense Higher Dimension Energy input into Gaia occurred on the 12-12-12. The planet-wide participation of Hue-mans, Light-workers, and Higher D elementals and other beings, caused an upsurge of integration of these new energies with the new Gaia grids.

Corner was turned.

Shadow elements and so-called dark entities fade to nothingness, as the veil has been removed.

Much gratitude to all."

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  1. What a wonderful message! It aligns with my feeling, that we've DONE it and the Light is now returning to planet earth and all who can receive it.