26 December 2012

Judy Satori - ET First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst

Judy Satori is Maarten Horst's guest on this episode of ET First Contact Radio. About 56 minutes long, Judy relates an account of Humanity's potential destiny and preparation for the New Age. About 100,000 years ago, the Galactic Council decided to act to help Humanity evolve into consciousness (activated 12-strand DNA) because at that time, their DNA was calibrated for lower density, having lost their connection with Source or the Light. This was set to occur when Earth moves into fifth dimension, which would trigger this activation for Humanity to become fully conscious.

Upon full activation of these 12 strands, Humanity will have the capacity to become inter-stellar and inter-dimensional; we are the only race to be able to do this due to our diverse gene pool. (This is the same reason why our 12-strands were disconnected by Dark Beings in the first place; to limit our full potential. And that is an understatement!)

Judy also brings us several messages from the Star Beings (Pleiadians, Andromedans, Lyrans), in their own languages. The messages are encoded with energies that speak directly to the listeners, as well as blessings and activations.

Judy also feels that the 21st will not be the date when the Star Nations will come in large numbers because this can happen only when our consciousness is free from fear of such an event. When this does occur, Lightworkers will be the bridge between these Star Nations and the masses.

She also shares that the energies that come in on the 21st will be followed by three days of integration. 2013 will be the year of Contact.

On a different note, she also revealed that while she was in India, she was told about spaceships appearing over troop at the border that left them bewildered, dropping their weapons to the ground. (Zorra from Hollow Earth Network has told us before that ships have also appeared over Iran and Afghanistan, stopping the soldiers from further battle.)

Judy also delivers a beautiful message of re-Creation from Metatron.

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