16 December 2012

Solara's December 2012 Surf Report (Excerpt)

Solara's December update (free version) appears below; you can also access it through her site The NVisible but it will only remain there until the next update. This is a truly beautiful message.
The final 11:11 Activation of the Eleventh Gate was absolutely magnificent. Our Master Cylinder Ceremony in Peru began in the afternoon of November 21st and continued through the night until the afternoon of November 22nd. Auspicious signs abounded: As we began our ceremony, two rainbows were in the sky directly above us, with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. AN was present! Soon, a condor blessed us with his appearance. This was a very rare occurrence, as condors are rarely seen in the Sacred Valley anymore. During the first afternoon, there was a large Sunbow around the Sun. That night a large Moonbow appeared around the Moon and the next day there was another large Sunbow.

But it was not until 1:11 on the afternoon of the 22nd that the Activation fully took place. In a powerful dance, the Dragons of the Elements merged with the White Dragons and became one large Dragon. Then the White Lotus moved into the center of our sacred circle. The rest of us did the Eleventh Gate Mudra over and over. Suddenly, the Eleventh Gate energies began pouring in. Wayra, the wind, surged through our ceremonial site with a mighty roar and the Eleventh Gate opened wider and wider. This continued for 40 minutes or so with the loud roar of the wind and such strong, true new energy.
The Activation of Eleventh Gate opened the doors to a new world that we cannot yet fully see, but that we can strongly feel. It is already having a powerful effect on us because this momentous event contains both the END and the BEGINNING as our evolutionary spiral comes full circle. This sense of major completion interlaced with a massive New Beginning is deeply poignant. We are so close to the end of an era. We are nearing the completion of our lengthy journey through duality.
As the Eleventh Gate began to activate on November 22nd, we started moving into the expanded realms of the Diamond of the Unseen. Thus began a dramatic shifting of worlds. Our Known Worlds still exist, but they have become infinitely smaller. Since then, we have been plunged into the Transition Zone between the old duality-based world and the greatly expanded New World. In December, we will be walking through this Transition Zone into the newly visible realms of the Diamond of the Unseen.
Many of us are now writing the final chapter of our old stories. While we are completing our old stories, we can expect waves of old emotional residue to rise to the surface so that the last of it can finally be released. When this happens, it's important to feel our emotions, while not getting drawn back into them. Feel them and then release them to the wind. If you haven't closed the books of our old stories, we need to do it now so we can be unhindered by the baggage and limitations of the past.
We are now walking with empty hands and open hearts through a Transitional Zone of pregnant emptiness. This is the Sacred Pause between our old stories and our new ones. It is time for us to live without a story for a while. During this time, we may feel blank, neutral and without emotions. The air is full of mist; containing a different composition than the air that we have breathed before. This misty quality helps us to feel a certain detachment from all that was there before. This enables us to complete our old stories without the usual emotional stickiness and without any resistance to completing any unresolved situations.
Many of us feel a super deep tiredness. This is the most profound tiredness that we have ever felt. This is the tiredness that comes from the completion of an entire cycle of lifetimes. We need massive amounts of sleep and want to sit quietly without doing anything. We know that we have been through a massive, unprecedented shifting of worlds, and want to quietly feel and contemplate who we now are, where we are, and what is our new relationship with our environment.
We may feel disoriented and disconnected from our Known Worlds. We know that our Known Worlds are still here, but they have become a small part of our greatly expanded New Landscape. Because of this, we are searching for a new entry point to our daily lives. Our new entry point is on a larger, truer scale than what we could see before.
Everything has deepened and changed beyond measure. This is the time of the emergence of the True You, the True Me, the True Us as ONE, the True New World.
The Eleventh Gate Activation is still going on. We are still aligned together as ONE all over the world, dancing the sacred dances and doing the 11:11 Mudras. The Activation of Eleventh Gate will continue until the end of the year. Then, we will finally be ready to pick up our pens and write our wondrous new stories.
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