29 December 2012

The One People's Public Trust Fund

As I've said so before, ground intel is not really my thing for reasons of my own. Recently, however, a "new" player (as far as I know) has surfaced. Since I am in no position to validate this, I'll just link to it and let you decide. The links will take you to American Kabuki's site.

First Announcement
Second Announcement
Additional background information involving an interview with Poof that was removed.

Please note that some comments pointed out that one calculation is incorrect -- it should be 500 million instead of 5 billion. This seems to be a serious miscalculation. For your discernment, please. As with everything else, only time will tell.

And finally, remember that we are creator gods and goddesses ascending out of duality, into higher consciousness. We can create abundance for all, if we all choose to do so collectively, in unity consciousness :)  Although there is no such thing as "money" in higher dimensions, it is still the currency (at least for now) of an evolving Divine Human in its infancy, for the initial stages.

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