06 January 2013

Ashtar and Gaia Update via Michael Ellegion - 2 January 2013 - "No Child Left Behind and The Cosmic Glitch"

 No child left behind. Well, that's the gist of this message, but of course always allowing for Soul choice. Scroll down the page until you get to "The True Story of our Delayed Ascension". Or get it here; scroll down until you see "January 5, 2013 Mother Earth, Gaia, Tells Her Own Story".

This, to me, is such a phenomenal message, thanks to Anne DeHart of Hollow Earth Network. Very powerful and pertinent messages for us, and very comforting for me personally because it answered many questions since my vision of Lady Gaia/Earth "sleeping" on 22 December, and a couple of other personal developments following that.

My very heartfelt and grateful thanks to Anne, who stepped in to obtain vital information for us via this personal reading, at her own cost, I'm sure. These messages filled a vacuum that left many of us wondering what had happened.

This will be long, because I can't do justice to it with just a couple of highlights. So be warned :) To set the stage, I will pull out this piece of information - we must remember that this Ascension process coincides with the ending of many cycles, involving so many levels of operations and a huge number of parameters, and ultimately Divinely orchestrated. In short, it is so mystically complex (yet simple) that it becomes immensely mysterious to us of a lower level of dimensional understanding (this is my one-sentence summary). It is something that has never been done before in all of Creation, that is, planetary Ascension with its collective inhabitants in tow, without going through physical death.

Also, there is mention of "new energies" that are now becoming an integral part of this already-massive and intensive process. This new energies have never before been encountered, and have caught the Higher Beings off-guard; however, they are learning to understand it as the process continues. Here, I would like to add that in the early teachings of Tobias from Crimson Circle (who has since departed in 2009 to join Humanity in reincarnated form), he spoke of New Energy which would be appearing in the Cosmos, and that this energy has never before existed.

And with that, here are the highlights. Please note that Ashtar's message is rather back-and-forth because there's so much information, and I tried to group them together so these highlights are not in chronological order (hey, we're moving out of linear time anyway, yes?).
  • New energies/frequencies that came in that no being has ever experienced before (which was the "cosmic glitch" that Zorra referred to in an earlier post) that resulted in some unexpected delays over the Ascension process and has re-calibrated certain time-space operations
  • "99.9%" of Draconians removed but there were "cracks" in the energy/etheric field that contained them; however, they will ultimately be dealt with as well (I think Ashtar made a refernce to Cobra's update about the etheric Archons)
  • Disclosure is still "on" via Obama, but "there is a time and a place" for safety reasons and to ensure the process is as smooth as possible
  • Nesara still "on"; there had been "trial runs" to ensure successful implementations in near future
  • Earth has largely been in darkness for very long and her growth has been stunted by the Dark
  • Ashtar uses the analogy of being stuck in a Cosmic airport, watching the flight schedules change as the plane continues to circle in the air, waiting for the fog to clear. We are the lights/beacons on the runway and as our lights grow stronger, the plane will eventually be able to land even through the fog. The final approach and landing of the plane is "coming up"
  • The small still voice within is now turned up and yelling, and things are becoming clearer for us
  • Earth "very very recently" decided to slow her momentum so that more Souls could come onboard. Now, most Souls will ascend with Earth; you will have to intentionally try very hard not to ascend!
  • Lady Gaia/Earth is delaying her Ascension to full 5D out of her immense love and compassion for her children, although she very much needs to be free of her pain that she has suffered for too long; she has just barely made it into 1st level of 5D but isn't "there" yet
  • Evacuation and terra-forming can be done in a matter of hours, but will now be more gradual, so evacuation will no longer need to be classified as an Emergency, compared with situation in the 80s as per information given to Tuella
  • Earth no longer needs to be the Karmic Training School of the Cosmos
  • Last minute calibrations still on-going, giant planetoid ships around Earth to help her through this
  • This delay cannot be indefinite and she will accelerate her own Ascension again when it is "time"
  • Unification between inner and surface worlds will also now be delayed; this can only occur when the vibrational frequency on the surface is high enough
  • Ashtar extends gratitude and thanks to "ground crew" on behalf of all in the Cosmos
  • "Even the gods get impatient" so it's understandable how many were very disappointed over the silence after the 21st, also we were acting as surrogates for the rest of Humanity in the expression and release of these emotions
  • Only the original 144,000 could meet the strict requirements for survival on Earth millions of years ago when Sanat Kumara sent out clarion call via AA Gabriel the Heralder
  • We should pat ourselves on the back because we went on a "suicide mission" but we made it!
  • Cosmic rock-star parking for the massive number of ships around Earth, waiting for the Divine green light to go into "action" (it was 500,000 in the 80s but increasing quantumly in the last few years, it's now around 100 million and still accelerating rapidly)
  • Many Soul Contracts now being changed to join in this Ascension process, this is possible with the New Energies coming in
  • St Germaine pushed for changes to karmic requirement for volunteers 25,000 years ago, or we would have become stuck over the various lifetimes because the Draconians messed things up
  • 2012 was a sacred promise, but still, the exact date of Ascension isn't set in stone
  • We will need some time in the Rejuvenation chambers during the time of terra-forming
  • All of our missions are important; they add to the collective
  • Our Ascension together with Gaia is a "done deal" and cannot be stopped.

Gaia's message (some may find this emotional)
Gaia has so much love for her children that she has made the difficult decision to delay her own Ascension so that there's time for more Souls to join her. She likens it to a starving person behind a glass wall where she can see and smell the food on the banquet table at the other side, but is prevented from feasting by the glass. She has endured much, much pain over the eons at the hands of the Dark forces, but still forgives them for all the torture and abuse they heaped on her.

While it is Gaia's nature to love and care for all her beings, it is sometimes necessary for her to release through upheavals. Her various channels also allow such releases on a more subtle level. Her experience will help other planetary bodies going through similar events. She is also challenging more Souls to come aboard with her, but she cannot delay her own Ascension indefinitely as this pause is for a short while only.

She has been promised a cosmic face-lift and makeover, and she thanks those who volunteered to come to Earth to help her through this transition and make it to the Galactic Alignment.

Once the time arrives, Gaia will rapidly accelerate her Shift, pulling along those onboard with her into Paradise. She looks forward to the linking of both her surface and inner worlds. In response to Anne's question, Gaia commented that just as everything has been delayed, so too have Zaraya and Quasar's return to Hollow Earth. All things have been re-calibrated. Even though the New Energies have caused such delays, they have also been a sort of anaesthesia for Gaia and relieved much pain. This has also resulted in these inner realms having to re-evaluate their own measurements which in turn made it necessary to postpone the couple's return.

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