25 March 2013

Duality Removal Dateline - Krystalai, Cosmic Dolphin Magic

Some days ago, I was surprised to re-discover Krystalai (formerly Crystalai) in Lightworkers.org. I had followed her writings quite a bit until she “disappeared” in late 2012, with her website unavailable due “maintenance”.

She is back with a new website, and has resumed writing about our on-going Ascension and transformation into our higher dimensional Selves, which I'm featuring here. Some background information - prior to the fall in consciousness, there was Gaia in Harmonic Universe 3 (Dimensions 7,8,9). Then she was Tara in HU 2 (Dimensions 6,7,8) as consciousness fell further, until the present Earth in HU 1 (Dimensions 1,2,3).

The information that Krystalai brings forth shares some commonality with those from Noel Huntley in his Fall of Man discourse.

For your discernment, please.

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