23 March 2013

Tree of the Golden Light Teleconference - 21 March 2013

I'm posting this with just a partial summary because of a crucial development that's about to take place, and how it will  be dealt with. In the first minutes of this call, hosted by Nancy Tate's Tree of the Golden Light, Peter Olsen from Hollow Earth Network reports on pertinent information given by Zorra, which include the approach of the asteroid that's due to come (too) close to Earth on 26 March, and that it will be take care of, much in the same way as the recent meteors/asteroids that have fallen across the globe.

Peter also informed us that Zorra is now "more pre-occupied" which makes Peter believe that the time for union between the surface and Hollow/Inner Earth is drawing near.

(31:52 mark) Hatonn also came on to tell us that much clearing is occurring on the Planet and Humanity. He admitted that the Galactics did not expect the process to take so long (and neither did we!!); they have realised that this was because the Dark had placed walls of negativity and fear around some humans and camouflaged this to hide its existence from the Galactics. This has, however, been released through Love transmutation and allows us to continually move forward. The headaches that we've been experiencing were the repercussions of this disintegration.

Once we are sufficiently cleared, we will be visited by and be able to recognise Higher Beings who are already on the surface in preparation for "the celebrations". Hatonn also explained more about the creation of centres that are imbued by New Energies.

(53:04 mark) Horus informs us that Inner Earth is also undergoing molecular transformation, just as we are. Our Inner Central Sun's increasing brightness also alleviating the density being held for surface Humanity, and emanating a glow on the Planet. He also speaks of Earth's eventual reunion with Twin Flame Maldek, allowing the wholeness of Tiamat once again. This will also be reflected by our own reunion with our own Twin Flame. Zorra's reunion with Zaraya and Quasar will also take place before the complete transformation of the Planet. Meanwhile, Zorra is busy keeping us safe from harm (from asteroids/meteors).

Horus also talks about Zorra's Christed nature.
Mike Quinsey will write up a report about the Santa Fe Galactic Command Centre, which will be buildings of Light.
Peter also repeats that the transformation of Earth will involve expansion of the surface and elimination of concrete, so removal of surface population will need to occur to accommodate these.
Anakhanda explains about the Mushaba Force and creation.

I haven't yet listened to the entire recording, so I don't know what else is in there. Here is the link to it.

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