20 April 2013

Sound of Light Activations by Judy Satori

** Update 21 May 2018: There have been changes to the website. Please note that this is now Judy Satori's website: https://judysatori.com **

There was a time when it took many, many years for someone on the Spiritual path to make meaningful progress. This usually involved much learning, many techniques and lots of patience (such as meditating for long periods of time!). In the past two decades, however, we were able to proceed with our growth at a much faster rate due to all the energies that are being directed at us from the Galactic Centre. Then in the past couple of years, things accelerated even more, and we moved much faster in tandem.

From my own personal experience and viewpoint, I will say that many techniques have now become unnecessary in the sense that they were based on the Old Energies, and therefore worked on a different level of consciousness. Of late, one of the most effective spiritual tools that I've come across is one that utilises Light Language. An example would be the activations provided by Judy Satori.

Judy has generously and graciously provided an entire inventory of activations based on Light Language and Star/Christed energy guidance ~ they range from clearing and protection to Soul Purpose alignment.

Please find out more about them here.


  1. The above link is password protected. is there an updated site? or how else can I access this information? Thanks <3

    1. Shea ~ you now have to sign up (for free) to be able to receive information from Judy. Perhaps you can write to Donna and request for a sign-up:

  2. This is not an official website for Judy and has not been sanctioned by her. You can find out more about Judy's work at her website www.judysatori.com.