09 May 2013

Annular Solar Eclipse Meditation for Global Peace


There are so many reasons for doing a meditation over the Annular Solar Eclipse phase ~ global peace, Planetary and Humanity Ascension, mass awakening, raising of vibrations and consciousness, just daily practice or anything else that you have in heart-mind.

One major reason is the one outlined by Cobra in his latest update, which involves the volatile situation in Syria which has placed many nations on high-alert. It is, once again, the desperate attempts by the Dark to prevent Light from taking over. For more on this, please read Cobra's message.

It is my personal view that it's not really necessary to follow the specific steps provided in message; what's more crucial is that we actually do it, in whatever way we feel guided. Perhaps we could also encourage our own circles to just meditate or spend a few silent moments without necessarily giving them the reasons if they already think we are crazy.

And one more thing I feel is important to highlight and repeat ~ we have been told by many sources that WW3 will not be a reality, and Cobra's update underscores that as well.

Calming tensions in Syria, global peace and acceleration of the Ascension process through this meditation...Let's make it happen!

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