02 May 2013

Channel Panel with Mother/Father God, St Germaine and Sanat Kumara ~ 2 May 2013

Some highlights:

Mother / Father God
  • Information presented during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is nothing new to us but it's allowed the revealing of the presence of the shadow controllers; this eases the acceptance by people who have been totally unaware
  • Much going on in preparation for events following Disclosure as things may get complex when daily needs are interrupted as banking system is reformed and supply chains are disrupted; all is being done to ensure smooth transition and minimal chaos
  • President Obama playing his role as required
  • Although we have come close to total destruction of our Planet, this will not be allowed to occur
  • Many, many parties involved in the background
  • "Special event" in the skies all around the globe around May 3rd ~ watch out for it!

St Germaine
  • Cabal's influence has seeped into all sectors of Life; St Germaine gives an example of how we come into debt in our daily living, resulting in inflated costs
  • What if we didn't need to work for a living? We were never meant to live in this slave-system!

Sanat Kumara
  • Sanat Kumara, in the capacity of Planetary Logos, speaks of the time when Humanity had lost all connection with Source; in order to prevent the "dissolution" of the Planet and the Human Race, Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus intervened by sending 144,000 volunteers to Earth, together with Yeshua to seed the Christ Consciousness as a means to allow Humanity to reclaim their connection
  • Channeling allows for messages to come through without Higher Beings having to be incarnate on Earth
  • Many Masters now amongst us to assist us through this very difficult transition; this "project" now coming to fruition.
  • Caller asks about Baha'ullah, founder of Baha'i faith, who is incarnate on Earth now
  • Caller informs about how the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure may have alluded to Inner Earth several times; Mother / Father God encourages Zorra to make this existence more open
  • Caller requests for St Germaine's assistance to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy; St Germaine explains that funding will be provided to causes globally
  • St Germaine explains further about how funding will be disbursed.

Listen to this 90-minute call either here on the Earth Ascends site or here on Blog Talk Radio.

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