11 May 2013

How To Visit Telos In Your Physical Body ~ Adama via Annette Sassou

I just received this from Telos Channel in my Inbox ~ Adama via Annette Sassou answers someone who asked how they can physically get to Telos (as opposed to going there during our sleep-time).

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you don't really belong here?

Or do you have a profound longing to be in a different place, almost like being homesick?

I certainly have been there many times and so have many of our viewers.

Some feel, that they belong to a different time, planet or star system, such as the Pleiades or Sirius, and some feel drawn to the Hollow Earth or Inner Earth, like the city of Telos.

Often, we receive the question from our viewers "How can we physically visit Telos? Not in a meditation, but literally walking into Telos physically?"

In the past 90 Years, there have been several accounts of people, who have been physically to the great city of Telos, beneath Mt. Shasta.

Here are just a few of them:

1923: A lady named "M", whose story was given to JohnWinston

1931: Abraham Mansfield

1971-1982: Ret. Colonel Billie F. Woodard of the U. S. Air force

(All of them can be researched on Google for validity.)

So, in this New Earth Master Class, Adama of Telos is so kind to give us some insight on how to enter Telos.


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