27 May 2013

Let Your Light Shine : A Message from Lady Master Nada through Elizabeth Trutwin 24 May 2013


(Lady Nada is the Consort Twin Flame of Sananda, Admiral of the New Jerusalem)
The Law of One

The One Law is that there is no static point for humanity. The One Law is Perpetual Change. Behind this change is the Cosmic Order on a vast scale. Earth represents but a tiny fraction of Life in our Universe. This Perpetual Cosmic Change we are calling Ascension. Ascension happens within a dynamic and constantly changing Universe. All other governing laws fall under The One Law. Cosmic Law. It is Absolute Justice and impervious to the laws of humanity.

Ten thousand years ago the Laws of Humanity were written down and recorded as the Institutes of Vishnu. Five thousand years later as Humanity had changed greatly Moses wrote down the Ten Commandments. It has been 5000 years and it is time to write down a new law for Humanity on Earth and that is called NESARA Law. All those who have been incarnate during Ramasʻ time in India, Akhenatensʻ time in Egypt, Mosesʻ time in Israel and back to Atlantis are working together now to burn off their karma and restore Earth as a Shining Globe in the Heavens with the help of our Galactic Family from the Ships.   

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