06 May 2013

One Heart ~ Footprints in the Sand... Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


AA Metatron addresses a common thread that runs through many at this point in time...that of being in solitude. It is as if by design that Life circumstances craft out events that leave many of those on the spiritual path of Ascension all alone, and indeed, it is exactly that ~ by design. AA Metatron calls it Divine Solitude, and speaks further about 2013 (Year 1 of the New Age) as the year where we face our Self. It is the time of deep introspection and knowing/becoming our authentic Self; solitude is the means through which we achieve that state of awareness.

The Crystalline nature of this New Age mandates that we ourselves get "clear" in our lives, and that would require much detachment and inner work. We will need to return to our own wholeness and Sovereignty.

For much more, please read the full message here in Pdf format. James' website is here.

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