05 May 2013

May Shift : Gateways Bringing in 5D Frequencies ~ Sandra Walter

Right in the midst of the triple sandwich eclipses of 25 April, 10 May and 25 May...that's where we are now, and Sandra Walter elaborates on this powerful phase with reference to our own Ascension as well as those of our Planet and Humanity. These photonic Light frequencies are throwing chaos all around as we approach the End Game. She also relates this to her own experience as a Gatekeeper.

"Strong photonic 5D frequencies are coming in right now and the shifts they are creating are becoming evident to the awake and ascending. This is part of the triple-eclipse gateway, and there are many things you can do to participate in a big acceleration of the Ascension process of HUmanity, the kingdoms and elementals during this time.
This is a lengthier video on the details of what is occurring – these frequencies are coming in from Galactic Center carrying activation of the Divine HUman template, the Source Light within us and our true Creator skills. Expect Solar Heart activation and Cosmic Christ experiences as we release the core suffering within ourselves. This is an opportunity to realize the Self-as-Source; it empowers you beyond any false externally-imposed limitations.
Let us use this cosmic trigger to accelerate the Shift in Consciousness to Unity, Harmony and Unconditional Wisdom of LoveLight Intelligence right now.
Many blessings to all who are doing the difficult and profound work at this time."

Please go here for the 58-minute video.

Update 5 May: Solar Cosmic Christ ~ The REturn of the Divine HUman

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