08 May 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 7 May 2013

In this update, we are told about how the wealth and rule of ancient nations were hijacked when the reaches of "civilisation" invaded native lands. Despite this, the ancient families of these nations managed to sequester some wealth in full knowledge that in the future, this Dark threat will meet its demise. In the past two decades, these families have worked with the Ascended Masters, GF and Agharta to fulfill the promise of the New Age and abundance, and we once again continue our interrupted evolution as fully conscious beings, which began in Lemuria eons ago.

The Ascended Masters also acknowledge our growing impatience and frustrations over the delays and apparent lack of visible evidence of massive changes. They assure us that progress is indeed being made, and encourages us to stay the course.

Full message here.

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