20 May 2013

The Hidden Force Behind Water ~ The Dolphin Collective via Meline Lafont


Greetingslovely ones, you are most welcome in our center of Love, in our essence
and in our loving energies.

Being a collective form in essence, we have many antennas and trumps we use in order to transfer the most optimal energy to all of you, so as to let your hearts sing again, to let you feel and have only the most loving intentions. This is what
brings us to you in these times of Ascension, to offer you once again the power
and the assistance in the form of Love and of genuine friendship. As always we
are your brothers and sisters of the Light and we feel an immensely deep
connection and Love for all of you. It is our deepest desire to continue
maintaining and feeding this connection and even to strenghten it.

You bring enlightenment to this Earth through your hearts and your intentions, something that is felt and known by every living organism. We also feel this and are most delighted by the huge progressions being made in the form of change. There are some Earthly shifts which give rise to ever more big changes on Earth as well as on the solar level. These are big shifts that are taking place and not just small switches.
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