29 May 2013

The Triple Eclipse Experience and Mother Earth's New Signature

Long exhale...what an "interesting" phase that was, and still is! There are so many images that depict what has been transpiring energy-wise (since the first eclipse on 25 April) flashing across my mind now, but I'll pick the one I feel describes it best. Let's see...it was like the entire Planet (and all her inhabitants, some kicking and screeching) was placed in a giganormous (please don't look up that word, I  made it up) decontamination chamber and blasted with Cosmic Light and goodness-knows-what-else energies that were amplified, directed and focussed with laser-intensity at our direction, with help from our Star Family. I feel dazed and stunned from all that Light medication!

Wave after wave of energies have been coming in strong and intense over the past year to help us get through this transition, and this latest one was definitely one of the fiercest. It meant business, and it felt like it, too. I don't know how many more we need to go through before we get "there".

Taking Stock ~ The Months In Review
Life has been pretty strange since the Solstice of 2012. Yes, Ascension at full throttle has been delayed or decelerated, and yes, most of us (should) have gotten over that derailment. There were many that lost faith (and I say this with compassion and non-judgement) because the faith was misplaced, yet many more had the opportunity to get onboard the Ascension Train because it slowed down sufficiently for people to embark. This process, as I keep saying, is a spiritual one. It's not only about the financial situation or getting rid of the Dark ~ these are the "symptoms" of a state of unelevated conciousness. There's inner work to be done as well as a spiritual understanding of what this process means and what it involves. Due to the immense complexity of the nature of Ascension, it would be impossible for mere mortals like us to fully comprehend all the mechanisms (mostly unseen) but we should at least understand that this is about the raising of Planetary and Humanity consciousness. And if we understand this, then we will also know that the only way to proceed is to go "up".

In line with the on-going need for raising the frequencies comes the inevitable rebellion of the opposite energies to maintain the status quo. We have been seeing this oscillation between opposing forces play out over the past five months as the Light continues to intensify. So the world has been rather noisy and chaotic with lots of angry mad voices and senseless violence. At the same time, a deeper and greater inner knowingness has grown amongst the populace, and this quiet force is a welcome balance and antidote.

Mother Earth Gets Restless, Time Continues to Accelerate
I feel that after taking a much-earned and completely-deserving rest, Mother Earth is starting to stir, warming up and preparing to move on. Earth changes all over the world are increasing, with weather anomalies occurring on a daily basis ~ they can no longer be called "anomalies". Meanwhile, time continues to accelerate as we move out of linear time existence. It's the end of May already, and before we know it, half of 2013 will be gone.

Connecting the Dots
Just a few weeks prior to December 2012, I was having a discussion with a friend about the 21st.  As I was speaking, I found myself saying to him that I was beginning to suspect that our intra- and off-Planet channels were working hard to pump up the volume and work us up to the stage where our vibrations were high and clear enough to push the Planet past the finish-line. I actually felt nervous saying that because I didn't want to think of its implications. No Ascension?...gulp. Yet today, I understand so much better about what had transpired over that date as I begin to connect the dots and thread together some pieces of the puzzle.

I've mentioned before (here) that I've felt as if we were in a time-loop to make it into the Light Zone on 21 December 2012, and that we've failed before on previous "passes" (for reasons I'm not aware of ~ whether we didn't succeed because our collective vibrations were not high enough, or we were prevented from crossing that line). We made it this time, only just! So I believe that "they" were doing all they could during the last few months of last year to make sure we succeed, firing us up high enough to ensure we don't falter or miss a step. We have to appreciate the fact that we made it is indeed a momentous event of monumental significance. The implications of this cannot be over-emphasised.

What followed then was a period of re-adjustments and re-planning because it meant a new reality that came with different parameters. Hence the deceleration/delay, the strange "zone-less" phase that made us feel neither here nor there, and the sense that we were being caught in-between realities.

All Those Delays and Promises of "Soon"
I'm also humbly reminded again that what we are going through is tantamount to...I don't know what. There's no analogy I can use because it's something that's never been done before ~ simultaneous Planetary and Humanity Ascension, without going through the death process. And if that's not enough, how about doing it with an entire population under Dark control, disconnected from their own Divinity and brainwashed to believe in a reality that's perverted and devoid of Light? As I've said before, all eyes in the Cosmos are on us.

Is it any wonder then that such an undertaking that's taken eons in planning and shaping has seen several unexpected hiccups and delays? We've certainly gone through lots of those. Sometimes, the best of strategic plans can come undone when it means requiring someone to relinquish control over something that they've lorded over for generations. The negative influence over this Planet and its entire race is so ingrained that every little bit of progress we make is cause for celebration, especially when so much is being carried out by the Dark to prevent Ascension from taking place (pre-2012 Solstice) or from making further progress (post-2012).

We also need to remember that linear time is of not much consequence to those in charge of the planning. Progress is not according to time, but event-driven. One event leads to the next, and the next cannot occur without the preceding one. Although there are "predictions" that are obviously false, it's my belief that some were actually authentic and didn't come to pass because a pre-requisite event had not yet taken place, or had been inadvertently delayed or thwarted. I suspect that many times our own fear got to the best of us and got in the way.

The Individual
The transitional and inner changes we are going through this year has not let up. While these changes were practically brutal previously, leaving us bruised and battered, changes this year have been kinder without losing intensity. Sure, we still feel as if we've gone without sleep for a week and therefore desperately need to sleep 14-hours a day (but are unable to), but on the whole it's not been so painful. Perhaps increase our dosage of chlorophyll/spirulina/algae to assist with Light assimilation?

We've also continued to further disconnect from the 3D-Matrix, and finding it so rewarding. It's as if we are testing the waters of Life-without-all-the-3D-illusions while still in 3D, and we're finding that the water's great! It feels so natural to be out of that distorted existence as we see with increasing awareness how unauthentic it has been all along.

Mother Earth's New Signature
One thing that I've felt very strongly in the past couple of weeks is the "transmission" from our beloved Planet. I don't quite know how to explain ~ it's as if she is broadcasting Life on a different bandwidth of frequencies, very different from what it was before. I'm drawn to say that she's now transmitting star frequencies (she is designated to ascend to star-status), and if we wish to continue Life-on-Earth, we will need to adjust our own frequencies and re-tune into these new ones. I wish to stress I'm not talking about dimensions; it's more like Gaia has a new "signature" or auric field.

2012 Redux on...?
After the lone-sparkler-as-opposed-to-full-fireworks experience over the 2012 Solstice, we come to the inevitable question...when do we finally go through the full experience? September 2013? July 2014? 2017 (eek!)? Next week/month? Sigh...who truly knows?

In the greater scheme of things, it will  happen when it happens. After all the necessary milestones have been reached, after all the required events have occurred, after we do what we are supposed to do. Divine Intervention, Divine Timing, Divine Plan. So many variables come into play, and yet at the end of the day, all needs to follow Cosmic Time, not Human time.

Only Cosmic Time will tell. Meanwhile, we do not sit around and wait. Our inner work continues and our intention to manifest a higher consciousness reality increases. And so does our determination to seek our own Divine wisdom.

Shine your Light!  :)

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