16 June 2013

Ashtar Speaks: The Transformation of Your World as the Basis of Disclosure ~ Ashtar through Philipp, 12 June 2013

Disclosure...a fairly simple word with such strong connotations, much emotion and potential for huge explosive consequences. Ashtar broaches this subject again, this time through Phillip (I was just thinking that it's been some time since we last heard from him!).

Ashtar assures us that the Light is making very good progress, and the turmoil that we see around us is the fall-out from the process of the Dark disintegrating. He also stresses that peace will settle on Earth, but that our main task and duty is still to help bring in the Light that is now so abundantly available.

We are also being told that before Disclosure can take place, some form of transformation that will re-orientate the state of being of Humanity must occur first, as this will then pave the way for something "huge" like Disclosure.

Please read the message here.

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