26 June 2013

Cobra Update with Alexandra Meadors 25 June 2013


Some highlights from this 58-minute update for June from Cobra, hosted by Alexandra Meadors:
  • Summer Solstice very powerful and marked huge victory for Light Forces and initiated powerful offensive against the Dark on non-physical plane which would lead to liberation on physical, etheric and lower mental dimensions
  • Super Full Moon is portal for grounding very positive Cosmic Energies
  • Trines bring in harmonious energies, more coming up in next 2 months
  • We will win the war, but we are not there yet..."We are finally getting there!"
  • Final phase of liberation on physical plane will be short and efficient, happening AFTER The Event
  • Most of Resistance Movement members came from Planet X in 1999-2000; previously not too exposed to other Races but have since come into contact with them and experiencing Cosmic Love, now they are part of Galactic Federation
  • Earth is last planet to experience this Cosmic relationship
  • Harmonious Twin Flame and Soulmate relationships now possible because non-physical plane sufficiently cleared; these loving relationships create holes in Matrix and portals to higher realms, which is why they were "tampered with" by Dark previously
  • Riots that are breaking out globally influenced by two factors: increased electrical Solar activity (triggers Life-force of Humanity) and instigated by positive groups on surface (sometimes taken advantage of by Dark forces)
  • Strong Light Forces protecting whistle-blowers (not possible before)
  • Turkey is buffer-zone (and therefore shields the rest of the world) for Syrian vortex; this is last vortex that is Dark-controlled, if they lose this..."Game Over"
  • Cobra confirms that it's not the physical pole that has shifted, but the magnetic North Pole; magnetic polar shift will take place eventually
  • Bilderberg ~ strategic meeting to continue their agenda of creating New World Order; they are "middle-management" so are not really in the know about what's truly happening
  • Eric Snowden chose Hong Kong because China would be powerful enough to offer real protection; White Dragons now more powerful, Cabal influence decreasing
  • Positive group behind controlled leakage of intel such as NSA document; mass population would be able to gradually come to terms with all these Truths
  • Cardinal Bertone's resignation result of efforts of positive faction in Vatican; negative faction losing power
  • Steven Greer's message more important than personal allegations against him
  • Plasma = fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas); its activity increasing in coming months, as with Solar activity
  • Limited destruction on Mars due to wars, but other planets unharmed
  • DNA/RNA reset/reversals as explained by Sheldan Nidle need to be carried out, will be done easily
  • "Virus" contamination occurred millions of years ago; its origin due to distorted alignment that was not in accordance with Source; this error now being corrected
  • Positive surface groups working to create openings in mass media to prepare for "announcements"
  • Robert Ford kidnapping ~ result of fragmented infighting in Syria
  • Banking glitch in China not part of Plan, it's just short-term "normal" interruption
  • There will be no war in Syria
  • Several behind-the-scenes negotiations to determine how the world should like like after The Event, but none will matter because the "after-effects" will take everyone by surprise; many in high places aware of The Event
  • Gnostic Illuminati part of Russian nobility initially and has "agenda" against Rothschilds but their methods not peaceful and they are not the ones affecting real change
  • Several groups with own agendas, greed and manipulation involved in Banking Reforms, which is why it's taking so long; Resistance and Higher Light Forces now driving this so we can expect "surprises"
  • On-going physical operations to decrease private powers of Cabal eg. Blackwater
  • New wave of energy coming in October/November; we are now in purification phase
  • Positive military groups' purpose is protection of people and liberation of planet; they have different energetic  make-up; many Starseeds incarnated and went into military for this purpose
  • No two Earths (separating wheat from chaff); just one that is liberated and evolved; no separation of Humanity, at least in initial stages of transformation
  • Suppressed emotions release as a result of Goddess energy is normal
  • After The Event, initial transformations will take 1-2 weeks (inc. reset of financial systems and removal of Cabal), then many long processes inc.Disclosure, humanitarian projects, healing ecosystem etc.which will take some months before First Contact (we don't have much time)
  • Rh negative blood type ~ result of many different factors including positive and negative races
  • Karmic Overlords designed Soul Contracts on etheric realms to prevent mass awakening; birth amnesia result of Archonic implants; we need to establish contact and connection with our Higher Self who will assist in disintegrating implant
  • Some archaeological finds suppressed and destroyed by Cabal to prevent Truths from reaching public
  • Dangerous nanotechnology by Cabal have been neutralised by Light Forces; avoid usage of nano-particles
  • Most likely scenario: stock-markets will crash at time of The Event; we need to remember that these markets are just fictional computer programs that have no basis with reality; losses will be compensated but Cobra's opinion is to get out of them anyway
  • Fukushima radioactivity not so serious; radiation levels due to accumulation of nuclear activity over the years
  • UFO activity near "hotspots" for monitoring purposes, in case of need to intervene 
  • Website to assist in infrastructure operations to prepare for The Event, details will be given by Cobra later
  • Planetaryhealersnetwork.com ~ for those interested to assist.
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