09 June 2013

Countdown to Disclosure, Announcements and Enactment of Nesara Law ~ Lord Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin


Information about the potentials of the forthcoming weeks are given in this update via Elizabeth Trutwin, told from a perspective of ancient history and Cosmic knowledge, as is customary in her updates.

Lord Sananda guides us to work on the physical and astral aspects of our transtion over the next weeks, and we are told that the energetics after 19-20 July will allow for Disclosure, Announcements and Nesara Law to manifest. This is because the Dark energies are expected to leave our sphere of existence over these two days through the Galactic Centre.

The period from 23 July - 2 August will see an event that will trigger the Illumination by Fire, after which the time for mass decloaking of ships will present itself. Ashtar will activate the Zero-Point force-field around Earth, which will render all weapons inactive. This and World Peace are pre-requisites for mass landings. We will also need to work on our Celestial Body through meditative practices.

The potentials for major events leading up to December 2013 are also revealed.

For the rest of this message (and there's much more!) please go here.

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