05 June 2013

First Crop Circle of 2013! East Field, Wiltshire UK

Jim Peyton - www.cropcircleconnector.com

Lucy Pringle has announced the arrival of the first Crop Circle, pictured above. The unexpected wet months translated into a delay of the Crop Circle season commencing. This first circle is located at East Field in Wiltshire, UK. It doesn't look terribly impressive, but I'm sure the message is not diminished in any way, if anyone has managed to decipher it.

Lucy Pringle's site is here, and more information can be found at Crop Circle Connector.

Update: Here's some information about this formation, from Pleiadian Regression.

First UK Crop Circle – Helping Hold the Equilibrium of the Earth as she Shifts on her Axis

Message from the Star Councils of Light, about the East Field Crop Circle of 2 June 2013

Dear one, it was the Arcturians who made this formation to balance the energies of the earth, for she has shifted on her axis greatly and needs to be held so she can find her new equilibrium. The energies that the Arcturian healers send down into the earth through the balancing arcs stop her tipping too far out of kilter, for the angle of tilt must not be overstepped, and when a planet shifts on her axis as the earth is doing at the present moment, it must remain within the limits of what is needed. It is a very fine balance and must be maintained, thus we send down the energetic force into the earth just sufficiently to realign her with the necessary tilt. This is the healing that your earth needs. We work with her as your chiropractors work with your spines, and make fine adjustments as and when they are needed to keep her functioning as best she can. Then the effects of the shifts in the earth’s orbit are not as devastating for the planet as otherwise they may have been, for the change is less noticeable, it is more smooth.

You received healing to your spinal alignments today within the circles of flowers, and just as we asked you to lie down and receive the energetic shifts in your bony structure and your subtle bodies, to allow your body to function as best it may, so too does the earth receive our healing energies to allow her to go through the transitions as best she may.

It is I, Peroptimé, who speaks for the Star Councils of Light.

Channelled through Amuna Ra, 3 June 2012


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