19 June 2013

Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice ~ Denise LeFay

Here comes another one...message about the Solstice, that is :)  This one from Denise LeFay, with a "warning" of the energetic whirlwind that's coming up in the final Trimester leading to September 2013, as well as some great advice for the coming period :

Just a quick note about a few things—

  1) Is that today–June 18, 2013–while carrying my trash outside to my trash barrels in my carport (the poor man’s garage), I couldn’t help but notice that the Light coming through the Sun has amplified yet again. I’ve watched this Process unfolding with the Sun for decades now, and every time I see the brilliant, higher frequency, star-like silver-white Light illuminating everything more than it had been the day before, I know we’re in the midst of another substantial shift up a few more energetic Stair Steps. This of course is wonderful news despite the fact that these higher frequency Light Energies typically make us feel like utter poo for a while. Whatever… who cares… just get a Divine Cosmic Photonic Soul sunburn for a few hours or days. We’ve been doing it for over a decade already and look at how we’re radiating Light now!

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