26 June 2013

"I Can't Do This Anymore!" as We Finally Touch the Energy of the Heart ~ Our New Home by Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop reports on our Ascension process at this point in time (after going through that incredible Triple Eclipse and then the Solstice followed immediately by the Super Full Moon), and gives a little peek as to what she feels is up ahead. She speaks for so many when she talks about how we've hauled our physical bodies around over the past decade or two, doing the groundwork for bringing in Light. One of the ways she describes it is "We may feel we have aged 100 years in the past 10..." and that is how I'm sure many of us feel. This is how I've described the past years ~ it's like climbing up a steep mountain with a ball-and-chain tied to my left foot, an enormous backpack full of rocks strapped on my shoulders and a block of cement encasing my right foot. But that's okay because we've got both hands free to crawl up the slope, centimetre by centimetre...

But hey, we've made huge progress :) Almost there...

Please visit Karen's site to read her update.

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