12 June 2013

Matthew's Message via Suzy Ward ~ 11 June 2013


This is the list of topics covered by Matthew in this update, which is wonderfully encouraging:

Turkey; Syria, other mid-eastern countries; China, USA; National Security Agency; Monsanto Protection Act; President Obama; negativity release; nuclear power facilities; nuclear weapons; Bilderberg conference; Canadian Defense Minister, ETs; Hatonn’s comments

There is a lot of positive news in this update as Matthew reveals the real reasons behind much of the chaos and turmoil around the world. He also gives us a good peek behind the closed doors of recent US policies ~things are not as they seem to be, since we don't have a "Heaven's-eye-view" of what's occurring. Matthew again underscores the utmost necessity for us to embody and be the Light; focus instead on this Light and what we want, instead of the darkness and what we don't want!

There's lots more so please read the complete message here.

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