15 June 2013

New Levels of Light and Our Galactic Legacy ~ Sandra Walter

There's an encouraging and much-appreciated theme that some sources are reporting lately, and Sandra Walter's update is in the same vein. She validates that the tremendous flood of Higher Dimensional energies that we've received has brought about a level of sovereignty where the Dark no longer has full control, and indeed, is diminishing in strength. The photonic Light that's now taking up residence on Gaia has created a state of flux as lower "realities" leave/disintegrate.

Sandra also reports that 2013 is a completely different game and as such, we may need to re-think how we're carrying out our Lightwork. Personally, I'm very much relieved to hear this because I've felt this strongly since this year. Sandra mentioned an example of how we should envision golden crystalline Light instead of pure white Light, which may now cause an imbalance in the climate situation. I'm glad to hear this because I've been seeing golden liquid sparkling Light in my meditations.

Sandra again encourages us to move forward with our work, letting go of Who We Were so that we can fully embrace All That We Are, which is Divine Pure Source Intelligence. We are our own Cosmic Light generator, so she asks that we remain out of lower vibrational chaos as they will make way for the Higher Realities. We are creating a Galactic Legacy as we make our way towards full Ascension.

The veils are down, the quarantine is lifted...it's looking good!

Here for the full update via a 33-minute video.

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