22 June 2013

Nibiru Our Origin and Healing Atlantis ~ A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin 20 June 2013

Mother Sekhmet reminds us in this message that one of the components of this complex Ascension is to heal the energies of Atlantis. (We had been "evolving" in parallel with the Atlantean timeline, and were repeating what happened there before the demise of the civilisation. This time, we will not face destruction because we have decided to make it our mission to ensure that we save ourselves through healing and allowing Light to come in to guide our actions, and therefore correcting our course.)

There is also some history of On and Nebadon, the anti-matter (Spirit) and matter (material) Universes, and the role of Niburu/Nibiru in this Cosmic timeline leading to full Ascension of Gaia and Humanity, as well as the choices before us.

(The "gods" fell from Heaven/Grace and Nebadon, the matter Universe, was created; some have termed this the "false" Universe, and therefore, holographic. The true state, or original intent, of Life is in the anti-matter dimensions. All Life and races on other "densified" planets are also evolving and elevating towards higher dimensions, which is the ultimate purpose.)

Please read this message from Elizabeth Trutwin's site.

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