16 June 2013

Now Is The Time (Part 2) ~ Solara's June 2013 Surf Report

~ NOW IS THE TIME: Part Two~

Over six months have now passed since the Eleventh Gate Activation on November 22, 2012. When the final 11:11 Gate was activated, the Diamond of the Unseen became visible. This opened up a greatly expanded, New Reality which exists within a New Paradigm. Since then, we have been tentatively exploring our New Landscape while in the midst of shedding layers of old skins and strengthening our Trueness.
The expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen is vastly different than anything we have known before. We can talk about the New Reality and ponder what changes and challenges it might present to us. We can imagine what it might be like. But until we directly FEEL and EXPERIENCE the New Reality, we won't know what it is like. And even then, it is nearly impossible to describe....
We are now experiencing a deeper immersion into the New Landscape / New World / New Paradigm / New Reality of the Diamond of the Unseen. It is no longer just a soft breeze of the New Freshness that is laced with potential. We are now feeling powerful gusts of New Freshness that are laced with the energies of 'A Mu'a blowing in. We feel it with our eyes open, while walking down the street in our physical bodies. We felt it wherever we are, whatever we are doing.
Everything is dramatically transforming all around us as we move deeper into the New Landscape. We can clearly see and strongly feel that this is something very, very different from what we have previously experienced. When we are in the New Reality, absolutely anything can happen. The 'A Mu'a Reloaded is powerfully realigning everything around us. Many elements are moving forward, while the obstacles that long held us back are falling away. The doors are open wide and the Green Lights are shining brightly. Difficult tasks are made easy. Rare alignments and synchronicity are becoming the "New Normal". At the same time, everything is moving into their true places and clicking into position. The time has come to manifest our Wildest Dreams. The time is NOW!
Increasing numbers of people are now feeling like our kindred people. We are woven together no matter where we are physically located. There is no separation between True Ones anywhere on the planet, even between us and the ones whom we haven't physically met. Our weaving into One Being is so strong that we cannot be separated by Time and Space.
People all over the world are coming together like never before. There's a stronger sense of Oneness and solidarity between those who are authentic and real, with the knowingness that we are all in this together and that, together as One, we will see it through. This enhanced Oneness and deepening love is emerging on both the physical and non physical levels.
Large groups of people are uniting together as One Being to protest the misuse of power, corruption, greed, nuclear power and lack of freedoms. All these issues and imbalances are becoming more obviously visible and intolerable than ever before. What is exciting is that these demonstrations are by groups of people who wouldn't usually come together.
June is full of breakthroughs as the 'A Mu'a energy powerfully moves us into the New Reality. Since we have experienced such a long time when the doors were closed, this may make us feel temporarily sensitive and vulnerable, but it is also a great gift that fills us with gratitude that the doors are finally open.
Massive shifts into a New Reality require constant adjustments. Every single cell and molecule of our human existence is undergoing these changes to acclimate us to these purer frequencies, so it makes sense that our bodies would have this experience also. While we are adjusting to the energies of the New Reality, at times we may feel extra edgy, nervous, angry and cranky for no apparent reason. We may have flu-like symptoms, especially stomach flu and nausea, suddenly becoming unnaturally hot and cold. We may have strange aches and pains in our bodies or develop skin rashes. All of this is temporary and will pass when we finish adjusting to the New Reality.
The energies of June may sometimes feel super intense and out of control. There's a sparky intensity in the air that makes everything feel highly charged. This is because we are in the midst of an immense power surge of 'A Mu'a energy. This calls us to make strong decisions so we can fully manifest our New Lives. We have deep insights that need to be put into action. We need to grab these insights and make them real. Plans and appointments may keep getting moved around until they end up in their right timing.
We are in strong times and this is a wild, wild ride. One of the most effective things we can do when things get too wild is to sit as Silent Watchers embodying the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.
In June we become much more at home in the New Reality. It's more tangible and real. We're being given the opportunity to take a completely new approach to life. We can now combine our former experiences with new methods and creative approaches to create the True Life that we have always yearned for. A life which is the authentic expression of who we really are.
This is a very small fragment of Solara's complete 12 page JUNE 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.
We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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